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European Style Shoulder Belt with Hardware Included

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RetroBelt®'s European-style retractable lap and shoulder belts work well in many German, British and Japanese cars, including your classic . The female push-button buckle is attached by a 13-inch cable, and the webbing length on the retractor side is 135 inches. Our seat belts meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Many vehicles manufactured prior to the late 1960’s were not equipped with seat belts. Adding seat belts is a wise investment in the safety of yourself and your family. Detailed installation manual is included. Price is per each seat belt. Mounting hardware is included. If your install requires additional hardware, it can be purchased separately, or you can use your existing hardware.

RetroBelt® seat belts meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FMVSS 209 and FMVSS 302
Made in China
Mounting hardware included to ensure maximum safety
13-inch cable with push-button female receiver
135 inches of webbing on retractor side
Advanced inertia reel retractor measures 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall
Webbing measures 1 ⅞ inches wide
Buckle measures 2 by 2 inches
Chrome belt ends
Price is per each seat belt
Fabrication skills may be required to establish shoulder anchor point – please consult a professional installation specialist
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