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Welcome to the Redondo Page. We are here to help you build your Redondo Radio.

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  • CA$529.99

    Redondo RS Radio with Sirius XM (BEZEL & KNOBS SOLD SEP. - ADD TO CART TO CONTINUE)

  • CA$529.99

    Redondo RT Radio with Sirius XM (BEZEL & KNOBS SOLD SEP. - ADD TO CART TO CONTINUE)

The revolutionary new Redondo radio brings modern technology to your classic Mopar. With Bluetooth®, iPod® and iPhone® compatibility, Redondo is the most technologically advanced car stereo ever produced for your classic Mopar. Redondo is the only radio to feature both period-correct thumb-rollers and an independently adjustable push-button assembly specially designed for Mopar cars. The face of the radio can mount independently of the radio body, allowing for easy installation at any angle – even in the tightest spaces.

Redondo is available in two versions:

    • Redondo RS (with shafts & knobs)
    • Redondo RT (with thumb-rollers)
  • Available with SiriusXM-Ready (Requires SiriusXM-Connect™ Tuner) - coming soon
  • Compatible with iPod® and iPhone®
  • Bluetooth® for hands-free calling and audio streaming
  • Plays MP3 and WMA files via USB input
  • Selectable 32,000 color LCD illumination
  • AM/FM tuner with 30 presets and RDS
  • Selectable USA/EU/Japan tuner frequencies
  • Period correct styling with knobs or thumb rollers
  • Independently adjustable push-button bar
  • Custom lenses for a perfect fit for your Mopar, GM or Ford vehicle with a "split dash"
  • The pictured Mopar logo screen protectors are available separately

Versions of Redondo RS will fit many other vehicles with a "split dash" (meaning there is dash fascia separating the factory radio dial from the push-buttons). Some of the vehicles with a "split dash" include the 1969 Pontiac Firebird and 1968-72 Pontiac GTO.

To find a Redondo for your vehicle, use the vehicle search on the top left or click here to browse the collection. 


Laguna Hermosa Apache1 Huntington2 Wonderbar Monterey Redondo3 Newport4 Long Beach
Your Price $ 249.99 $ 359.99 $ 439.99 $ 459.99 $ 489.99 $ 489.99 $ 489.99 $ 449.99 $ 489.99
Vehicle Application Most Models 1948-2006 Most Models 1948-2006 1954-59 Chevy/GMC truck 1966-77 Ford Bronco and 1961-66 Ford F-Series Pickup 1949-65 Chevrolet , Buick and Pontiac 1949-62 Ford and 1961-62 Mercury Various 1960-72 models with "Split" Dash 1974-2000 Mopar, 1982-02 GM and 1979-91 Ford vehicles Most Models 1948-2006
SiriusXM-Ready™ North America Only North America Only North America Only North America Only
Built-in DAB/DAB+ Tuner Outside North America Outside North America Outside North America
Made for iPod® / iPhone® Compatability
Built-in Bluetooth®
USB Port for WMA/MP3 Music Files 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Auxiliary Inputs for Portable Devices 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Display White White/Green 32,000 Colors 32,000 Colors 32,000 Colors 32,000 Colors 32,000 Colors Amber/Green 32,000 Colors
Clock-Off Feature
AM/FM RDS Tuner with 30 Pre-sets No RDS No RDS
Selectable Tuner with USA/EU/Japan Frequencies
Power Output 18W x 4Ch. 25W x 4Ch. 25W x 4Ch. 25W x 4Ch. 25W x 4Ch. 25W x 4Ch. 25W x 4Ch. 25W x 4Ch. 25W x 4Ch.
Front and Rear RCA Low Level Pre-amp Outputs
Subwoofer Output with Variable Crossover
Selectable 12/24 Hour Clock
Non-Volatile Memory

1 Radio made especially for 1954-59 Chevy/GM Trucks.
2 Radio is a direct-fit replacement for 1968-77 Ford Bronco and 1961-66 Ford Trucks, and is also ideal for hot rods.
3 Radio made for vehicles with dash fascia separating radio dial from push-buttons, such as mid-60's to mid-70's Mopar, and mid-60's Ford vehicles with deluxe dash. Available with standard knobs or thumb-roller controls. 
4 Radio made especially for GM, Ford, and Mopar vehicles with 7 inch by 3 inch factory opening.


Tuning Range (USA, EUR, AUS, JAP, RUS tuning capable) with RDS 87.5-107.9MHz
Antenna Terminal External Antenna Connector
Usable Sensitivity 12.5 dBf
Selectivity 75 dB @ 400kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio 62 dB (Stereo), 67 dB (mono)
Harmonic Distortion @ 1 kHz 0.8% (stereo), 0.5% (mono)
Separation 32 dB @ 1kHz
Frequency Response 30-16,000 Hz

AM (EU and US Tuning Capable)

Tuning Range (USA, EUR, AUS, JAP, RUS tuning capable) 530-1710 kHz
Antenna Terminal External Antenna Connector


Dimensions (display face) 3.5”W x 1” H x 2.5” D
Dimensions (push-buttons) 3.5”W x .5” H
Dimensions (radio body) 3.96”W x 1.98”H x 4.30”D
Power Requirements 10.5-14.4 volts
Current Consumption (during operation) Max. 15A
Current Consumption (car off) <3.5 mA
Output Power (@ 14.4 volts @ 4 ohm @ 1% THD) 25x4 watts RMS 45x4 Max Power
Output Impedance 4ohm
Low Level Output (4 channels) 2.85 volts
AUX 1 Input >300 mV / 6 kΩ
AUX 2 Input >300 mV / 6 kΩ
USB 1 Input 5V (USB female input)
USB 2 Input 5V (USB female input)